We pride ourselves in serving our community for over 20 years while offering our clients a variety of financial services. Whether you’re selling your valuables or securing a short term loan against your item(s) value such as gold jewelry, selling diamonds, or electronics. Gold Crafters offers a simple and efficient solution to your financial needs.

Our loan terms are straight forward and can be completed in just minutes.
Our skilled and knowledgeable staff is prepared to appraise your item(s) honestly and fairly for top cash, and then we will either buy or loan you up to 70% of your item’s value.

All of our transactions are confidential and are not shared with any other entity other than to local authorities as required by law. It’s a fast and easy process to get cash for gold, silver, diamonds, electronics or any valuable.

No credit checks or credit reporting, No complicated loan applications, and No hassles. It’s easy, just 1 form of picture ID, and 1 form to sign.

We make it convenient to secure the money you need in just minutes!
Not only do we buy and loan against items of value, we also sell a variety of merchandise including jewelry, diamonds, watches, musical instruments, electronics, tools, computers, and other items at unbelievable and unbeatable prices.

Outstanding valuables are available every day, simply visit us online to view quality merchandise sold at significant discounts.
Visit any of our two locations whether you’re selling, buying, or appraising items of value.
Our everyday guarantee is to make your selling and shopping experience as pleasant and easy as possible.

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