Dear Customer,

Over the last decade, the precious metal industry has grown according to demand and necessity of people and fashion. One of the biggest factors of growth being the reaches of the internet, online stores, and consumers’ ability to make purchases from the security and luxury of their own home.

Being that we offer our services and great products via internet, along with our three physical stores, we pride ourselves in saying that our reputation is second to none.
Smart shoppers know that awareness of scams plays a major role when it comes to online safety. That’s why we advise, that prior to any online transaction, you do thorough research regarding their legitimacy and guarantees of the company in question. Please read the following Q&As for more information.

Is the company under any governmental agency regulation, for instance the Department of Consumer Affairs? Or are you just another online store with a post office mail box with no physical location?

There are so many questionable companies out there that seem to have the best offer for you, they have a catchy name, an 800 number and a P.O. Box. Nevertheless, federal laws require precious metal traders to observe the USA PATRIOT ACT. So every company must have a physical address. To verify our locations simply search us in Google Maps or our Locations page.

Is your business affiliated with any governing organizations?

We are proud to say we are part of the JVC – Jewelers Vigilance Committee.
Founded in 1912, the JVC was established in order to educate and regulate the jewelry industry. Associates work with the highest criteria of commercial practices, vowing to submit to all regulations related to the jewelry business and make provide accurate descriptions of products and services provided.

With this in mind, everywhere you find the JVC logo, usually placed at the entrance of affiliated stores, you can trust the members’ obligation to defend the principles and reliability of the jewelry business by their own performance.

Is it possible to visit your locations and negotiate my item’s value/price in person or is this exclusively an online store?

We are more than happy to bargain with you on a personal level. We are aware that some people aren’t satisfied with the idea of sending in their goods through mail. And as previously stated, we still offer you the ability and comfort of doing these transactions online. Any trustworthy company should make their customers feel comfortable on a business and personal level.

How experienced and helpful are your representatives with solving costumers’ concerns, doubts, and questions?

As many companies rely on outsourcing costumer services, mostly from countries outside the US, they may not be properly equipped to help you. We’re very transparent in all business matters, our trusted staff are trained to only take down your basic and necessary information so as to send us your valuables. Should you have any questions please let us know and an expert will contact you shortly.

Will your company contact me for my approval to confirm the payment amount for my items?

It’s very important that you speak to one of our representatives to confirm transaction information before you complete the process. This can eliminate any misunderstandings.

How much time do I have to cancel my transactions?

We handle the cancellation process on a case by case basis.
How much time does the whole process take?

The process can take as little as 48 hours.