We, at Gold Crafters Exchange, are well aware that your style in jewelry varies as often as your wardrobe. You may have out of style jewelry that you no longer use or like. Luckily, Gold Crafters Exchange buys a wide variety of jewelry containing precious to semi-precious stones in any setting of gold, silver and/or platinum. Gold Crafters Exchange will offer you instant cash for your valuables. Come into one of our three locations for an appraisal, one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you!

Precious and Semi- Precious Gems:
• Diamonds
• Emeralds
• Amber
• Rubies
• Tiger Eye
• Sapphire
• Spinel
• Tourmaline
• Opal
• Topaz
• Amethyst
• Turquoise
• Zircon
• Pearls
• Alexandrite
• Jade
• Tsavorite
• Demantoid
• Burma
• Ceylon
• Kashmir