Life is full of surprises as well as sudden expenses that increase our monthly budget, especially when we’re not ready. And whether you just got an expensive plumbing bill, overwhelmed with medical bills, or you’re caught on financial crisis, we have a solution.

Gold Crafters Exchange, is always willing to help you with those unexpected costs, we provide fast money loans on goldsilver and platinum. We’ll buy them from you too!

We offer loans and buy White Gold, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold of 9kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt or 24kt.
• Gold Nuggets
• Mismatched Gold Jewelry
• Broken Gold
• Gold Bars
• Gold Chains
• Scrap Gold
• Gold Flakes
• Bracelets
• Gold Rings
• Dental Gold

Purchasing and loaning Silver as well.
• Old Sterling Silver
• Sterling Flatware
• Silver Bars
• Scrap Silver
• Broken Silver Jewelry
• Silver Nuggets

Gold Crafters Exchange pawns and buys Platinum!
• Platinum Nuggets
• Platinum Scrap
• Platinum Jewelry
• Platinum Flakes
• Platinum Foil
• Platinum Shanks
• Platinum Wire